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And it only becomes significant in the most severe depression 6.

And even the effects found are only noticed by doctors, not the patients themselves 7.

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The effect size of antidepressants is clinically insignificant 5.

If you’re a geek about these sorts of things, you know that a few studies have found non-significant advantages for Prozac and Paxil over older drugs like clomipramine, and marginally-significant advantages for Effexor over SSRIs.

But conventional wisdom is that tricyclics can be even more powerful than SSRIs for certain very severe hospitalized depression cases, and a lot of people think MAOIs worked better than anything out there today.

SSRIs were the first class of antidepressants that mostly avoided these problems and so were pretty well-placed to launch a prescribing explosion even apart from being pushed by Big Pharma. There is large publication bias in the antidepressant literature – True, but not as important as some people think People became more aware of publication bias a couple of years after serious research into antidepressants started, and it’s not surprising that these were a prime target.

When this issue rose to scientific consciousness, several researchers tried to avoid the publication bias problem by using only FDA studies of antidepressants.

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