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He said that even though the product has changed (e.g.moving to PG, trying to sell to India and China), if there were people were as “genuine” as Austin today, houses would be selling out.Regal showed him how to “pick apart everything” and that has been the biggest influence on his career.

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Kendrick lives a stone’s throw away and walked over to 316 Gimmick Street with a gift of whiskey and Broken Skull IPAs.

The training was three hours for three days per week when Michaels would come in.

He would tell Rudy what to do, and Rudy would demonstrate.

He was a C- student in school and not much of an athlete.

His saving grace was that he tried not to let anybody outwork him, and he was fortunate enough to have Daniel Bryan training with him in the same class in Shawn Michaels’ school.

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