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They are removed during your surgery because they may also be involved with the cancer.If you’ve had past surgery or radiation therapy to your pelvis, we may not remove all of your lymph nodes. After your bladder is removed, your surgeon will remove a small section of your intestine called the ileum.The information in this section will help you prepare for your surgery.Read through this section when your surgery is scheduled and refer to it as your surgery date gets closer.

You will have tests, including an electrocardiogram (EKG) to check your heart rhythm, a chest x-ray, blood tests, and any other tests necessary to plan your care.

During your PST appointment, you will meet with a nurse practitioner who works closely with anesthesiology staff (doctors and specialized nurses who will be giving you medication to sleep during surgery).

You can eat and take your usual medications the day of your PST appointment.

Your bladder stores urine until you feel the need to urinate. In females, the urethra is a very short tube located at the top of the vagina.

In males, the tube is longer and passes through the prostate gland and the penis.

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