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4, 2018, as a huge winter storm roared up the East Coast with hurricane-force winds, heavy snow and coastal flooding. A massive winter storm swept from the Carolinas to Maine on Thursday, dumping snow along the coast and bringing strong winds that will usher in possible record-breaking cold. Front loaders dump snow into a melter while clearing the apron around Gates C and D at Terminal B at La Guardia Airport on Jan. All flights have been suspended temporarily at JFK and La Guardia airports due to wind and whiteout conditions. Boston firefighters from rescue 1 swift water team donned ice rescue suits to effect a rescue of a stranded motorist.A vehicle parked on Abbott Avenue is surrounded by snowdrifts during a snowstorm that hit the New Jersey Shore on Jan. Firefighter Justin Plaza pulls a rescued motorist to dry land, in Boston, Mass. A snow storm was expected to bring up to 12 inches of snow to the area.may have been caused by an enormous fire on board, not by hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, experts have claimed, as new evidence has been published to support the theory.More than 1,500 passengers lost their lives when the sank on route to New York from Southampton in April 1912.Journalist Senan Molony, who has spent more than 30 years researching the sinking of the , studied photographs taken by the ship’s chief electrical engineers before it left Belfast shipyard.Mr Maloney said he was able to identify 30-foot-long black marks along the front right-hand side of the hull, just behind where the ship’s lining was pierced by the iceberg.Gusty wind picks up snow accumulated on the ground as Jesse Sherwood, of Jersey City, N. A person walks in the snow on King Street in Charleston, S. Ice floats in the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan with Jersery City, N. 7, 2018, as bitterly cold temperatures continued through the weekend in New York.The blast of arctic air that engulfed portions of the East Coast broke more cold temperature records in several cities, but weather experts say a warm-up is coming Monday. The building is encased in ice after firefighters spent the night battling the blaze that left 25 residents displaced.

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Experts subsequently confirmed the marks were likely to have been caused by a fire started in a three-storey high fuel store behind one of the ship’s boiler rooms.

Bob Beres, a Highway patrol community relations officer, was on an icy stretch of I-26 in Charleston videotaping a spot for his Twitter feed warning drivers to stay off the road when a van slid off the road nearby into a ditch.

"Let me go right now to check on that van," he said to close out his report.

People walk past a massive snow pile near Astor place during sub zero temperatures in New York, New York on Jan. A massive cold front hit the Eastern Seaboard with the wind chill, the temperature could reach -20 degrees celsius. On the heels of a major winter storm on the East coast of the US, a weather system with deep cold moved into the Northeast for several days before the region will see moderate temperatures for the first time in weeks. About 100 firefighters battled a blaze that left 25 residents displaced.

An automobile covered in snow with windshield wipers exposed in East Boston neighborhood in Boston, Mass. A Boston Fire Department Firefighter's helmet is crusted in ice as he battles a 5-alarm fire in the Dorchester neighborhood in icy cold temperatures and high winds, Boston, Mass. A woman walks down snow-covered Maverick Street in the East Boston neighborhood of Boston on Jan. Sub-zero to single-digit temperatures combined with blustery northwest winds are predicted to create dangerous wind chill conditions in Chicago.

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