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Time is not an exclusive, or even the major, measure of intense love.On the contrary, romantic intensity is likely to subside and even to disappear after a while.The first is an epistemic reason that claims that as the agent does not have sufficient knowledge about the person's characteristics in order to fall in love, her response is merely imaginary wishful thinking and not a real emotion. It refers to the fact that as the agent does not have the time to exercise the activities typical of love, her emotional response cannot be that of romantic love.The first argument implies that romantic love consists not merely of attraction to external appearance, which is the basis of sexual desire, but also of knowing the agent's character traits, such as kindness, honesty, wisdom and a sense of humor.They arranged to get married as soon as he landed at the airport and they shared their first kiss. When you've only known them through emojis and clicks?(And don't get me wrong, I'm a total fan of meeting people online.

In this regard, we may distinguish between action readiness and behavioral manifestation.Such knowledge cannot be present at first sight, as it requires familiarity and common history (see here).The fundamental mistake in this argument is the assumption that we cannot attribute to a person characteristics that are not seen at the moment.This assumption is incorrect since we often spontaneously attribute such characteristics, by using certain stereotypical evaluations.This is, for example, what underlies the “attractiveness halo,” in which what is beautiful is evaluated as also good.Some people even deny that it is possible claiming it is merely sexual attraction.Indeed, how can we fall profoundly in love after one quick glance?Thus, someone who is suffering from total paralysis may be in love, although his love is unaccompanied by any muscular activity. The fact that love at first sight may be based upon unreliable information does not mean that it is not an instance of intense love.Research indicates that romantic love is often based upon idealization and positive illusions, and this is also true concerning love that lasts many years. For instance, jealousy is often based upon incorrect beliefs about the partner's activities.After being married for a very long time, I suddenly found myself single and dating again. But I've come to realize: first dates and first impressions are like movie trailers. I hope that the happy Instagram couple finds that their Insta-love can make the jump from online to in life. It was easy to get infatuated with someone you just met. They show you the best parts to try and get you to watch the whole movie.

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