Dating the scorpio man

He hates being poor and he looks down on people who can’t make ends meet.Astrologers say that Scorpio men are prone to urinary tract infections and venereal disease and that their volatile emotions can lead to exhaustion and mental breakdowns.His sense of intuition is very strong and he can almost always tell when you are not telling the truth, Your challenge is to stay mysterious and still be completely honest.Good luck, He loves to be in control and is very good at taking charge.If you think about it, these are all areas that humans regard as the great mysteries of the universe.No surprise then that many Scorpios are surgeons, scientists, and spiritualists of note.If you don’t have some magic of your own to protect your heart, then you are going to fall badly in love with the scorpion.

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Scorpio men are very emotional and moody creatures who believe in long term relationships and love that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of dating a Scorpio man, get ready for a ride that rivals any roller coaster you’ve ridden. Scorpio The Scorpio man is fairly easy to spot in a crowd if you know what you’re looking for. No astrological sign is impervious to this perplexing man’s laser focus. Lock eyes just long enough to give him a glimpse into your soul and then turn away.

Though admirers often surround him, he prefers to do the chasing. If he finds that attractive, he’ll make a move in your direction.

The topaz is believed to have the power to releases occult powers but it also brings the serenity of mind.

Some use it as protection from enemies and illnesses.

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