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Very popular series running more than four seasons may start daily reruns of the first seasons, while production and airings continue of the current season's episodes; until approximately the early 1980s, shows that aired in syndication while still in production had the reruns aired under an alternate name (or multiple alternate names, as was the case with Death Valley Days) to differentiate the reruns from the first-run episodes.Few people anticipated the long life that a popular television series would eventually see in syndication, so most performers signed contracts that limited residual payments to about six repeats.A rerun or repeat is a rebroadcast of an episode of a radio or television program.There are two types of reruns – those that occur during a hiatus, and those that occur when a program is syndicated.When used to refer to the rebroadcast of a single episode, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are generally credited as the inventors of the rerun; it was first utilized for the American television series I Love Lucy (1951–57) during Ball's pregnancy.In the United States, most television shows from the late 1940s and early 1950s were performed live, and in many cases they were never recorded.However, television networks in the United States began making kinescope recordings of shows broadcast live from the East Coast.This allowed the show to be broadcast later for the West Coast.

It only broadcasts the past week's episodes back-to-back.

These kinescopes, along with pre-filmed shows, and later, videotape, paved the way for extensive reruns of syndicated television series.

In the United States, currently running shows will rerun older episodes from the same season to fill the time slot with the same program.

This winter (or "mid-season") phase is also used to try out new shows that did not make it onto the fall schedule to see how they fare with the public. If they do well with the public, they may get a renewal for a half (13 weeks) or full season in the new fall schedule.

Major shows that are already a hit with audiences will return from February sweeps until the end of the season (which sometimes ends before May sweeps) with only limited reruns used.

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