Dating boyfriend pet names

You may be dying to whisper sweet nothings to your lover while he or she may not yet be comfortable with highly personal expressions.

This is not necessarily a sign that your relationship is lacking in emotional intimacy.

So come up with a pet name for your partner only when you both reached a reasonable level of comfort with each other.

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Most women on the other hand may feel offended if referred to as a ‘chick’ or ‘babe’.

Are you also planning to give some nice pet name to your sweetheart, to make him feel special? Let us first explore what kind of names pops up in your mind - prince, honey, darling, hottie?

Though they are the most popular, you must have realized their clichéd existence.

Pet names represent a special way to show your love for your boyfriend.

Girls give pet names to their boyfriends out of love and affection for them.

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