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The report doesn’t mention, but it should be obvious, that multi-generational households present another “challenge” to sexual privacy for Azerbaijani youth.The opportunities for them to be alone or alone with a partner in a household are seldom.

(This is not the same case for boys.) The UN survey asked 15-19 year old girls about their sexual activity (defined as sexually active in the last 4 weeks).

This shows what the country reported about specific programmes to prevent different types of violence and services for victims, and the extent of their implementation.

"When we found out that the second baby was going to be another girl, my husband said that he didn't want her and I was forced to have an abortion. They anaesthetised me and cut the foetus out of me."s not rare to hear of women who continue to have abortions until they give birth to a boy.

AGE In my observations, it is not uncommon for Azerbaijani grooms to be older than brides. (See Tables 15 and 16 in the report.) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE I’ve written on domestic violence in the region before, and it is fairly prevalent in Azerbaijan as well.

See the last chapter of the UN report for more on this.

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