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and we decided to start here." We had planned to come back the following day and to repeat that scenario.

Others found out what we had done, because the press became aware of what was happening.

See also: Sit-Ins of 1960-61 for articles written by Freedom Movement veterans. In the Fall of 1959, the Bennett College NAACP chapter discusses strategies and tactics for opposing segregation.

The young women seek information from the Oklahoma City NAACP, which had previously used nonviolent direct-action to desegregate local restaurants.

At first they call it a "Sit Down," but soon everyone is using the term "Sit-In." Blair tells an interviewer: "Negro adults have been complacent and fearful ...

In most segregated communities, Blacks were encouraged to shop at chain and department stores, but they were not permitted to eat at a store's "white-only" lunch counters and restaurants.

When the college students leave for the summer, Dudley High students carry on.

Finally, in July, the national drugstore chains agree to serve all "properly dressed and well behaved people," regardless of race.

Lunch-counters provided quick cheap meals for shoppers, students, and workers on break the same way that shopping-mall food-courts do today.

Nationally, there were more than 30,000 lunch counters in drug and department stores, bus terminals, and public buildings.

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