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But I am confident that my history and continued engagement with my community will speak louder than unfounded rumors.

Secondly, it is challenging to have a nuanced conversation about race and Hollywood period.

Most notably Spike Lee, who is the recipient of an honorary Oscar this year, chose Martin Luther King's birthday to announce his boycott. Jordan told Oprah in July 2015 that he has never had a serious girlfriend.

Jordan himself has remained quiet on the subject and it was recently announced he will be a presenter at this year's Oscars. He has had women he felt close to, but he has this rule, you see (brace yourself to fall in love).

In September 2015, there were also rumors that he was dating Kendall Jenner, but he denied that as well, saying instead the two were "just friends." The two were spotted leaving a party together in May and got the rumor mills churning furiously. People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the f*ck it is." has been in the news quite a bit lately.

While Jordan said they weren't dating, he was shocked at the racist backlash the rumors sparked. His role, though met with critical acclaim, was not nominated for an Oscar this year while his co-star Sylvester Stallone (reprising his role as Rocky Balboa) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

His name seems to be on everyone's lips these days and with that face the obvious question many are asking is, who is Michael B. As is often the case in the Hollywood dating world, the answer isn't exactly straightforward.

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A lot of black fans were feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, he should have been with a black woman’ and that whole thing. Yesterday, the star sent a letter to explaining that he said the wrong things when it came to the Kendall Jenner issue.

I gave a speech just a few months ago on the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement at the BET Awards.

It is frustrating to see a false claim stirred up on social media which has caused my supporters to question where I stand on this crucial issue.

Michael's "not wanting to see color" style statements -- when black women have been supporting his career since before the mainstream even knew his name -- rubbed some folks the wrong way.

People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the fuck it is. ” That statement, in addition to a recent Snapchat he posted where he said he believes #All Lives Matter, set off a social media firestorm.

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