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In seasonal notation his AAA career is 150 games, .309 average, 20 homeruns, 103 RBIs, 94 runs scored, 35 doubles, 5 triples, 79 walks. The team is now known as the Sacramento Kings, which is btw the oldest franchise in the NBA.

The Royals won the championship that year, and Connors’ teammates included future Hall of Fame coach Red Holzman, future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Otto Graham, and future MLB All-Star catcher Del Rice.

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The Rifleman then joined the Boston Celtics for the NBA’s first two seasons of existence. Connors was not as good in pro basketball as he was at baseball, but he does own the distinction of being the first NBA player to break a backboard!

He did it during warmups: his shot hit the rim and the improperly installed backboard shattered.

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