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So it’s clear that laughter is important to me, but that doesn’t speak to why I think it’s sexy. Heck, that’s the stuff that will turn the suckiest of days around because joy usually accompanies laughter like that. And yes, damn it — it is also the stuff that makes a man sexy as hell to me.

I think to explain that I have to be clear in saying that I don’t mean menial laughter when I speak of the word. When I find myself laughing the majority of the time I spend with a guy, it does something to me that even seeing him with a six-pack can’t do.

I mean, chances are that if he poured out his heart to you one night telling you just how scared he was to be in a committed relationship, he probably doesn’t want to know that you immediately went back and told 10 of your “best friends.” It’s not malicious, of course.

You’re probably sharing so that you can get some advice or sharing because someone else brought up a similar topic, and you want to show that you can relate.

“Can we go back to that point for a second,” she asked. You want someone to squeal along with you when he/she does something right, and you want someone to get angry with you when that person does something wrong.

The other day I found myself in a conversation with a dear friend of mine about the idea of changing locales to be closer to someone you want to build a future with.

She’d been considering moving in a few years to really try again with her ex, and she mentioned to me that most of her friends would probably think she was crazy to be saying it – but that she’d realized by now that if she really wanted to be with him, and they were really going to make a go at it, at some point someone would have to move.

But intimate conversations between the two of them? I want to give full dialog accounts of the moment so that they feel like they were right there, witnessing the act. But for moments where I can honestly sit back and say the guy would be hurt by me doing so, I stop. The respect of the intimacy between the two of us is far more important. But there’s just something about laughter that can instantly tell me if someone should be in my life or not.

Do you find yourself having a similar problem where you have to figure out what information to divulge to your friends about your love life? I saw this posted on a friend’s Instagram account the other day, and I had to laugh because I felt like she was telling my story with a photo. And it’s not because I’m a hard person to make laugh.

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