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This, of course, unfairly prejudges a massive and wide-spanning genre by its worst extremes, and ultimately takes a fairly narrow and limited view of the genre.Nonetheless, there is plenty of evidence at both extremes to support these views — lots of works of science fiction fallen in the trap of focusing so much on the Big Idea that the other elements of storytelling can suffer.My questions are: Is ANY contact okay during this withdrawal, or is all contact off limits for a while (the “Rules” say it is…)?How long do I give the withdraw period before realizing he doesn’t want to take things further?People are entranced and captivated by someone who has an air of excitement, adventure and pleasure to them.

His thought process is most likely, “Well, I wasted this much time with her…

For example, hypothesizes Starfish Alien Martians and fascinating new technologies, but still relegates women to sexy secretaries and nagging wives.

It's not just the works, either — unfortunate stereotypes of science fiction fans as a bunch of weird dorky obsessives with no social skills hasn't helped the overall impression of science fiction as a weird, off-putting, and aloof body of work.

Of course, when a literary author is a weird obsessive with no social skills, his introversion and eccentricity are signs of his genius.

Fantasy fiction suffers from this as well to a similar extent due to the difficulty of defining the line between science fiction and fantasy.

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