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On some occasions one might see the same sex persons hug or kiss the other person‘s cheek; this is not a sign of homosexuality.

Some of the Libyan people use hand gestures to express themselves.

I would say that for gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, if you keep your own style (like when you are in Canada) it will be fine.Sabrata and Liptes) are topics that could be also be discussed.Talking about your own country might be of interest to some people.In the case in which you have a Libyan boss/manager, he will probably make a point of raising his voice once in a while to you.This does not especially means that he his unsatisfied with your performance or other aspect of your work, but rather he wants to send a message to the Libyan people in the offices next door; that message is “I am his boss” “I have the power”.On the other hand, some subjects should be avoided, such as sexuality in general, religion, and politics.Family discussion (not too personal) is always a good subject. You will be asked these types of questions as well.The well-known clubs in Tripoli are Al-Ittihad, AL-Ahli, AL-Madina and AL-Wahda.In Bengazi, the second largest city in Libya, Ahli-Bengazi, Al-Nsser, AL-Tahadi and AL Hellal are the most popular and oldest clubs in the city.When this happens, realise that it is not directed at you and just keep your calm; keep discussing the subject normally.If you are the boss and employ Libyans, never raise your voice to them.

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