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A conversation with Stacey Ann Chin and Africana graduate students Warren Harding and Katsi Roriguez about "Radical Joy." Reception to follow discussion. Saturday, April 15th | pm Churchill House Basspas, 155 Angell Stwith the Black Lavender Experience sets forth Staceyann Chin’s personal journey to motherhood as a single woman, lesbian and activist who does not have health insurance or a “serious, stable financial set up,” but wants to have a child.Told through Chin’s uniquely personal and poetic lens, this solo show explores how the process changed her life and how she makes peace with what she learns from this profound experience.I've also had to table some dire Word Press issues on the back end of the website (my RSS feed is still spotty), and cancel the hosting for the back issues of the Femme Cast podcast.Aside from the laptop issues, I've had some life struggles that have made it difficult for me to focus on building my femme-pire.

I'm also especially grateful for my amazing, worldwide queer family. Your support of my body positive mission and artistic endeavors means the world to me!

Life as a freelance lawyer is not always as glamorous as I make it look, and sometimes I feel that all I can do is hustle hustle hustle, which leaves little time for quality content.

As you know, I strive for excellence in all areas of my life, and this blog is no exception.

An exciting coming of age story about agency, resilience and the transformative artform that is voguing. No Fats, No Femmes Thursday, March 16th | - pm Petteruti Lounge (2nd floor of Faunce) Jamal Lewis explores the politics of desire and body love.

Clips from their documentary,, will be used to interrogate desire and the ways in which it is deeply informed by media, pop culture, and capitalism through interviews, archival research, and performance.

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  1. Both successfully hatched eaglets (E7 hatched January 26 at am (day 38); E8 hatched January 27 at pm (day 36)) and spending the first few weeks of life developing on schedule. 9, E8 had to be cut free from the nest after getting monofilament fishing line wrapped around its leg and foot cutting off circulation and causing swelling.