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I'm using a Button to fire the Update Item event and then leaves the user a status stating that the event is updated, which does occur so i know the button is firing properly. Thanks David Lozzi " Select Command="SELECT * FROM [tbl Events] WHERE ([ID] = @ID)" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [tbl Events] WHERE [ID] = @ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [tbl Events] ([str Title], [str Description], [dt Date], [str Speaker], [str Host], [str Location], [str Address], [str City], [str State], [str Contact Name], [str Contact Title], [str Contact Phone], [str Contact Email], [str Notes], [dt Added], [dt Modified]) VALUES (@str Title, @str Description, @dt Date, @str Speaker, @str Host, @str Location, @str Address, @str City, @str State, @str Contact Name, @str Contact Title, @str Contact Phone, @str Contact Email, @str Notes, , )" Update Command="UPDATE [tbl Events] SET [str Title] = @str Title, [str Description] = @str Description, [dt Date] = @dt Date, [str Speaker] = @str Speaker, [str Host] = @str Host, [str Location] = @str Location, [str Address] = @str Address, [str City] = @str City, [str State] = @str State, [str Contact Name] = @str Contact Name, [str Contact Title] = @str Contact Title, [str Contact Phone] = @str Contact Phone, [str Contact Email] = @str Contact Email, [str Notes] = @str Notes, [dt Modified] = WHERE [ID] = @ID" Protected Sub btn Update_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I haven't tried Insert Item yet, going to set that up now.

Date Time BETWEEN '1-22-2010' AND '1-23-2010' ORDER BY GV.

I believe this code should do it, but I get an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object Any suggestions?

Hi, I suggest you add a breakpoint to that row, and use watch window to see what is a null reference that does not point to a valid object.

When the user selects an option from the dropdownlist I want to take that value and update the object that sent that information to the row. What I'd like to do is get a reference to the instance of the object that gets passed to the update method *before* any of its properties are set (I need to run some initialization code first). Sql Exception: Must declare the scalar variable "@Description any idea what this means and what I need to do to fix it?

So far I have this: Codebehind: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I've been looking for ways but haven't found anything. I've had the same issues and Microsoft has recommended that I do not do that. Help with Gridview update using object datasource I have a grid view that is using an object datasource. When i try to do an update I get the following error: System. Here is the object Datasource code: 1 Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Couple weeks ago I read a article about highlighted search in Gridview ( and in my project I used things I learned but now things changed I have a gridview and in code I give its datasource so because I dont use any objectdatasource I dont know where to write my filtering parameters.

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