Itemupdating before properties afterproperties

And Item Updated gets called after the item is updated.

Sequence = 5000; // put any number here sp Event Receiver Def. Item Updating gets called synchronously just before an item is updated.

This happens due to race condition between the two threads when updating the document / item. At the time of checking-in the document, this local copy updates the original copy (even if there are no changes), then there is another request that does check-in on the document.

SPWeb sp Web = Get SPWeb Instance(); // assuming that you have a document library by name of "My List" SPList shared Documents = web. SPEvent Receiver Definition sp Event Receiver Def = shared Documents. This is the reason why Item Updating and Item Updated are called twice (once for each step of check-in process).

In Item Updated you can not get this as the valued have been commited.

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SPEvent Receiver Synchronization]:: Synchronous;$def.

Generally I am writing Share Point Blog to help and share my knowledge to IT world and improve my knowledge also.If this property exist in Before Properties and not in After Properties of SPItem Event Properties instance then it means that the callback is for item check-in event, else it is for event other than item check-in. You can also use event receivers to validate the data that the user wants to change.You could think that the current values are stored in the Before Properties of the item but that’s not true: the Before Properties are unreliable at this point. When the name of the planet is changed, the update is canceled and an error message is returned to the user.If the name isn’t changed, the changes are saved to the Share Point list.When you set the column to be plain text, it doesn't add this empty DIV tag. Common, Version=, Culture=Neutral, Public Key Token=a61cba8dcde3eaaa";$def. Ok, so just change to plain text and everyone is happy right? When users connect to the list via the Outlook option, you get a very nasty set of HTML saved to the column (even in Plain text mode): $list = $web.lists["Task Test"]$def = $list. To check if the name of the planet is changed, you can compare the Title column before the changes with the Title of the changed item.The changed values can be retrieved from the After Properties of the incoming properties argument.When I tried it in Item Checked In event receiver, it gives you different values.Excerpts: I managed to also get information about the item in the Item Adding event by using… “Internal Column Name”) then the internal column name will most likely be something like “Internal_x0020_Column_x0020_Name”.

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