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Bruce excused the failni« ot the local' adfiitelatntak Mi. Bruce, came to criticising the race track he directed his fight on the owners Hn l operators, or iji other w )r Is the men higher up. MGHMANNi X Coi Tfane is Near Whiiii Tbeco li Mt Be I^ M y la Ireland. Iceland can get anything she wants •—anything at all. to a Uw gam- bling and' cormirtlon on the po Hce force, and' ihad no ctdtlctsm tor the city officials or the men higher up. The speaker made the point that If he was con- sistent Mr. • ot •t l M Wai B ^'111 Thus Far Nothtog That is (;unsidrring, land's claim upon any particular form of govevniment that Ireland ha.- ailoiiifi! That is wbaid we hear wfhispered about hy those tbait are suppo8e l to be in the in I am taking back to Australia a ner circle and are able to explore ine.'vsag'e to, the i eople and can say evenues that probably are cloised to with confidence that If there are me. Laaar, Manager Meney Adrancod on Your PI«U SIS Weat Je Beraon (Beoend Fleer t Plwae OXr t Ul JOHN ASSENT PIANO TDHEB l Oa O SABV BUBBVn Avmu B He me Phoae. s the machine wa, flb'e to sual a majority against Warlev of eighty -eight TOtes. The negro PF aivnounce a candidate for the begisloture in the Tenth ward where 83 per cent. the vot«r« are negroes, and the Rearpj-- bt ithese enjoyable affaitni w)w« held 1^ then the '^ua Uty" megro earn* to Che front. BBOB 8TOIUM a Jl Klada et Footwear For Che Two RAl IBl. The Qnakw Afald people were told that negroe« must be allowed on tljese boat ex cursions or the (Quaker Maid »topi«.-i would be l M)y i)((c l.

A pleasing feature wia.s the musical progjramme rendere l by ■three young ladles, consdsting of vocal numbers and violin and piano solos, all artisticall r.-inl. After the membership reifoi-ts huxl been receivad and other buaine BB transacted Rev. The rallroadi have been deploring the fact that decreased traffic and hlph wages prevented them from paying their uaual dl Tldands. totirtt ut« theaa Mato Mcat pamph Me Itt m UMofw io all eehoota. Pu Ute aentiinent In Ixralato JO* tar- vors the honoring of the ktto Chief Jiintico Ed-vrard Donglae Wbi Re ae ou» of Me Uluetrioa B aone by ptac- Injr a utatuo of him In Sta.taary Hal\ In the f-apltol at XV"a«hlng oe. Under the to.w aaeh Atale le entiitled t« be repreaented by ti M 8tatu«« of two peraone "wlbo have been c Misene thereof and t M a e Ui ona Bor theiir 'hlalori« renown or from dfe^lngni Khtvl olvic nr ml Utairy serv- ice '■ Til.- of Chief Justice W'bfte ha« iwiv Ml the AIocusa Ioo of the subject and it seems o^na An lyi reaulit In the selection of two rerp- r o — n U . take Bob- Taaci Mr — Md your father any part in the late great war ble? The ci-osh •is solid «11- ver wfth a ochu of anun, of tbe Starts of Naw Tio rk tn tbe osotar, suspended by a rtbbon ts ted, whiite and) bhie. Honor to w^om honor is due and aigatast th6 alight olterttd- those two prominent Repubiloan leadere, Thomas W. Fllben and Baker w twx staunch and workei-^ for "reform." Week in and week out the Herald |K)litical writer wou Ul refer to their uotivilies in the Cresley Clul). Mc Dermott will have charge of the dilffereret ooncesr alona. Well-, Australians know what one side or fi XMU (be other, hot I Dominion home rule is. aiu L Ira* land ie the only one, and the Irlah people thf only people, that h«v«, A right to aay what, Ireland wiusto and what Irskmd will be sat Mled with. the eesentlal thing Is that when the Irish people have Tomorrow momteg atter the rig M. New Albany, as a part of the Fl^ag day programme held hy th" pupils. Ireland ie looking for a Republic; but if ohe were to change to-morrow and say sfie pivef erred a Kingdom. As' uri Ml liy tlio I'lifailin K Quality e C 8M0 W OLAD YLOUE ABK rom Opt OOBR WM. Sole Dirtrlfcntor City 147» OAKDALE DRUO COMPANY ' Incorporated PRESCRIPTION DRUaai STS tl04 FOURTH AVBNt JB. and then th ' Herald editor would tell lie citizens and taxpayers how fortunate they were In having young Republlcana like FUbeik and Baker working tor 'Preform" and a better city renunent. Last Friday Pilben and Baker were indloted by the grand Jury for keeping a disorderly house, nad Saturday nomlng'N Herald in mentkmtog the tadictn MMit said two mi n named IMIhen and llaker w«^r ' indicted. v i ito ivaders thai tl M'se wore llir ^auw two K '"- tlemen who wen- ahm.\s advciil^'d in lt» -oliimn K a» rinlit liiind I oh'- ei-s of t'hi'w S«i«rcy and M-ork i * for "i-eform." Friends ol Tommy and Bert ere Indignant at the alight of the Herald and eay that their af- tempta to tir«n up t Hb neighborhood have never been appreciated. Prertdent Kenoesay also an- nounced that the proceeds of the BACK HUM ON THEIR VACATION Louisville's Keystone police and ••Uck" firemen, will have talj stories of their city experiences. They know that In a day If England know, flrnt of all, that in Dominion wants peace sh can have i ©ace, home nile we have nothing like and the conditlon B are very srlmple. Kngland does not say to The day that England oeasee from Australia thai she should be carved British crime atvd British aggree- iip according l the sweet will of eion ill Ireland, tlu-«w t-an Iw peace ihe people in Dow Tiing strert, I/On- thal afternoon, Nothin R 8tan ts be-; don. I will be able to tell the Auatra- liana that the Iriah people are look- tog for nothing except what they are Justly entitled to; tbat they are asking for nothing except for that self-deter ml nut ioil to which nations grej^t and small wei-«» ie)clareil to have an absolute right during the war. Ireland in only asking the Bng Usb to fulfill thetr promise. admlted and grantwl and high mass the closing exerciaee ''hen they w WI themselves rul^ for Isnotber successfu* - Tear of the .th^ Kood of Ireland they should not parochial (v Iiod I Will hie held ait ! Ireland's right to .seif-datarailliatlon would be found In the Kkvgdom. There- fore anybody who has any speofal antipathy to a Reupbllc^-ailybody who } a8es his oppo«llh n to Ire- the world — wi U compel the Britlab Dominion home role we put the questoin: What about the Partltloa Act, or are they going to stamd by partition or not? 1 would like to ask them also when they speak of Dominion home rule do they melan that Ireland would have an absolute right to make he» own laws without interference from outalde? TATLd R AND BBDBEY BOUIi BVABDS Your FMroaaae, Large or Snudl, Always Afpreeiated PARK 500 PHONES PARK 262 BOB HAWES FOR Fire and Automobile Insurance Prompt and Efficient Service City 3728— Main 1429 309 ST ARKS BUILDING Wee Myla Wn^ Club nm M IMS ■•■» niiiii South Louisville Bank Ponrth and Central At Ahb* "Yoe Wffll De FANCY GROCERIES AND DKU- GATB8SBN — FRE8H MEATS AHD Taco Rr ABun BPUBBXEB QBOOERT CO. Open Erenlagf ra tfl WIne O'cloc It ~UBB POO LEY FOB MONMY Loaaa ta thoae ba Tlng regnlar in •omea or aalary. If they caitch an offender he find* *t eaay to fool' them an4j get away, and if aeiit to lail or the nrankfort peniteutlary he 'or she oani 4eave whenever they care to. All facts coaoamtog the aaeaastaatlon of the young prieet were suppressed by Dublin Castle authorities, none of the foreign correspondents l)elng permitteid to cable news of tlie at- tack to their .\newspapers. His ap- proach was lieard liy Father O'Cal laghan, who wa.i asleep on the top floor and^ wlio had been by the commotion below stairs. C ie serving three years penal servitude in an English eon Viet prison: Father Bur bage, C. Jl THlsb Crown, forcee are FMter Oaynor and Fatlier lle- Kenna. Both priests were arreeted following a raid upon tbe parish houee. I Mtt Mc and Dancing j„ly 19 — Sixth annual plcnilc and chicken dlnmer for benefit of St. Possibly Night Chief Grif- fin 'a wagon load secured at Tommy and Bert 'a escaped from the patrol wagon en route and are playing Api-U fool with the Keyetonere. Father O'Callaghan wa.s Ri)ending the night at the home ot Alderman De Rotate, mmnber ot Dail Blreann, the Congress of the Irish Repub Uc. He stepped from the bed and started for tbe hallway. The Black and Teas charged they found two doenmeots in the house. Paul's church, on dhureh grounds, Jackson and Kentucky. vt Ym I w4U probably be the aret oonipiete litaitory of the Uni Med St Mtee tram oolontai Iheee to tb» p no e o pt. Sain TOinn i Ceeter of the Fy urtli Degree mem- beri Mp of the K. Bruce would have blamed race track gamblin K on the jockeys as lie does the police, and not the Kepul)liean ho PWW and City aiul county officials. — that man Is trying to hid*- ihi- real fundameatal lesnie. in America, in Scotland, ot- anywhere 1 have gone my claim has been and is. Tliey ^ ay, '-Give tlie^ full Do- dreadtul liappenings In Ireland at minion Hoine Rule — anything at the pi-esent moment. OKy Dmiing's Phani MMy DBUa OISTS YOUR PATRONAGE WILX. West 295 SIMON PONTRICH FLORIST Cut Flowers, Desigos, Plaats T«raaiy-4ighlh sad Craaawood. 2d and Watei Wert Syi olaaa laiay Bif oieaa w%t, aa alai Blob, lampy adna n» 3141 3141 Per Ton Oell Tered Anywhere If V Banl It, •1.25 Per Ton Cloeei Tlgnrt B on Big Orileri HATTER AND DKS CIAANER, CHAB. By the 'way, what , are they doing to near Mayor Smith? Doe'; ill- ;idmit or does he not that Ireland ha;^ a right to rule iherself, like Belgium or Potan AT Pin faim dowji to that. that Ire land has this right, and until it is granted there will be no peace la Iretend; there will be no peace be- tweeo iratond and England, and I bdpe there will be no csm Uoo trlendahlp between Wmgland end and anybody who can endeavor by withholding triendehip, to malte England do her duty They wi U i.i..t r L. th«je crimes all within the Empire." Now I and i0utm««a are not to be put to refer to this eiaq^y to my that, the discredit or to the blanie ot the so far aa I know, there has been Irish people. Arm offer of anything — hi a day there eoukl be peace in I don't aay worth ta Ung, bat any- ireland. BB APPRBCIATBD THIRB A BOVTBOai N PARKWAY Phone Parkway IIS Home Phone, City 3147 PBESTON FISH AND POULTRY STORE Wholeaale and Retafl FIBM. Tho K that can not appreciate Keystone com- edy think that the Night Chief ought to give an account of his prisoners, and that some re| oi-t oii Klit to »)e ma le tor the benefit of the |K lic i »uul the public at liu-Re. Thursday wae the big day, a special traia carrying a large del- egation ot relatives audi trlwid M of the graduates and Slaters from this city. O-ive of what ie l ©st In you anil then you will not be sorry at the end of it all for It is more blessed to give than to receive, end life will have been better for all those whom you haw touched becaiiee you have lived. But I am hopeful, and Indeed confident, tiiat -n-e are appn Mtfkhing a time when there must be peace, when the pressure of the ■Whole world — Annerica and the rent of Details of the :is^:)s-' tia i ion ot the Rev. Ooadneted by th* Xaveiian Brother* Claaslcal, Sc Untlflc and Bu Blneai Course*, Preparatory Department, Lmtsi Swlnu Btna Fool, w«U Bqulppod Oym- -'atam. But this latter claijs doesn't seem to understand the methods of the Key.-^tone police. The oommiencement exerciaes i egan at o'clock and are re- i ( r't, (i to have surpaeeed any ever held at this great center of learn- ing- Many interesting jiai H^rs were That Is the meaning of life on the curtain ot- eternity as Dante W04ild have exprsl Mad it." After h Mmching a campaign for 150,000 tor a g^mnaaliim and aarlm- mlng pool the Alumnae etopt Sd of- ficers as follows- Prealdent. James Oi;.; a jwp- ular young parish priest ul Cork, Ireland, by DIaok and Tans, have Just beeo raoelvad hers, although the attack w Ueh reau Md to Us death was made oa May 17, aa he ■teppad from hia bed. C C, Is In Curragh Internment camp while Father Delahaunty is servi'ng two years for hi* allnge l Repub Ucan activlt Jes. s of priest*; arresteil an l sent 1i ^■laoiiu Juc.j Uia. date (1921-06-18) topic_Special_Interest newspaper_issue ■m TO HMIOKB m emsm ATHM smi hi A^r Mv Tm ll« IM h inr KM in Min co 389 W. One or twt) See Vktorjr Ahead If Jadt MMi Dam- ocrattc riiii) l U»oln U0B Js I A(lo|ile l. S9gto ll -| ''''' -"'- ' «'"" " ' Social Bqual U^ Fi-om Wlilte Hesi- d Hita Mid Kalglhbav B. The Jackson Demoeratte Club, with a memberablp of over l. went on record Wednesday evening in favor of the primary nie thod for deciding con- tested nominations. In dt MUSBing the ix .';sible Mayoralty candidates on 1lie IVmoc\atir ticke^t one hears oftcm i- of . Page, iinil it is significant that his selection seems "to be iwi)- ular with all classes end factions of Democracy. Kr Kentucky Irish American BROWN -Ta x WITH WHITr I IK - n«ON£: NOMI M 1800 Brtrj Dr Wer Ui MNTai Mfttlra Mlvli VOLUME XLVI.~NO. I The Quaker Maid rlvain of Rroce.rli©s announced some time ago that the stores woald' close vtery Wadaeaday Ito M CUe«* Seai Ty Mnds Notiilng but and a boat ec BOUiradon be givan for 1 benefit ot 0» patron*. Polloiring the anmoanoe- maot of the CVty and County Coai- mt Mee tbat they approve of tbia aodon decks can be cleared tor action and a start made with har- wony prevailing In every quairter.

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