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The systemic tyranny and terror of totalitarianism (Communism, Islamism, Juche, Nazism, Ba’athism etc) are organized and perpetrated through intelligence agencies.

The originally military-style internal culture and sinces decades increasingly totalitarian internal culture of intelligence agencies of liberal democracies and non-totalitarian dictatorships alike as well as the fact that intelligence agencies systematically infiltrate each other means that the intelligence world has become an increasingly severe threat to free societies everywhere.

This is actually intelligence recruitment leading to intelligence prostitution.

An LGBTQI victim is sexually harassed by an intelligence agent in the role as a shop employee and who falsely accuses the LGBTQI victim herself of sexual harassment and seeks to manipulatively convince the LGBTQI victim that it is rather her LGBTQI lifestyle that is intrinsically a form of sexual harassment.

There is virtually zero transparency in the intelligence world and therefore little to no external accountability which means that intelligence agencies are practically speaking unhindered in committing clearly illegal acts of almost any kind, including rampant organized sexual exploitation of persons of all ages within the intelligence community itself as an intelligence operative is also a professional prostitute.

Intelligence agencies are especially interested in recruiting persons who are deemed brave, intelligent, talented and with a sense of duty of personal mission.

This typically makes an LGBTQI victim inclined to “come along to the office” as this seems harmless.

Once in the office does a rape agent posing as a shop employee ask the LGBTQI victim to perform fellatio on the rape agent.

Members of elites, police/military/security officers, persons deemed sexually attractive and leading overt LGBTQI lifestyles, active feminists and other members of civil society, political activists, journalists and elected politicians, conscripts deemed to have attractive traits are especially vulnerable to intelligence recruitment.

Intelligence agencies are skilled in detecting and exploiting personal weaknesses and in particular as relating to sexuality.

In coercive intelligence recruitment as in free societies typically based on police extortion will the intelligence agency strive to exploit what the intelligence agency believes are the individual weak points of the victim.

The purpose of this is to manipulate the victim into insisting on innocence while confessing a circumstance of a sexual nature that in turn can be used by the police for police sexual extortion to lure the the victim into intelligence recruitment, part of which turns out to be intelligence prostitution.

The victim is deceived into believing that the acknowledgement of the circumstance constitutes a criminal confession which in turn is used by the police to sexually extort the victim into what turns out to be intelligence prostitution.

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