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i even had a really great phase where i pretended to like to go to raves and deal with ravers like three times, and that is just time i can never get back.I was actually jealous of couples who have been together forever but at the same time..apparently i was a "whore" who "cheated on him" even though we were in a limp as fuck "maybe" relationship where he thought he could just keep me a secret and ignore me and i'd always be there for him). i found a better catch who is still misanthropic enough but not as nihilist and it's been great for my head.

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unless both are willing to open up to other stuff I guess the relationship will be exciting again..I believe in destiny and if you are really meant to be together no matter how long you are apart if it's you and him/her and you it will happen Yeah, I lived with a girl from 1987 to '93 then we broke up due to a lot of different things.She had a horrible temper and I had an alcohol problem.I'm sure it's possible if both people have grown and matured in the meantime and managed to learn from their mistakes..I doubt it happens very often.If at one time, breaking up was the only solution you could find to dealing with your relationship problems, I think it's probably quite unusual you manage to find other ways to address them later on.Then there's other times when I wished I'd left things alone. I had thought she was "the one," but it turned out I felt differently when I was facing marriage to her.But I suppose that's about par for any relationship. Overall, it's pretty cool that it ended up happening. Between the second and third time we were together, I dated a woman for three weeks.i never thought i'd be able to fall in love again, it just seems like one of those once in a lifetime things. i don't understand people who have been together forever, but i've changed a whole hell of a lot in my life.i mean i have had bullshit dating experiences but not serious loving someone besides my ex. my first boyfriend grossed me out after about two years.I ran into her four years later and we started dating again.Now we've been married for 10 years and have a wonderful daughter. i was impressed by his filmmaking and creativity in the beginning but didn't realize he didn't care enough to actually keep doing it and would keep it his claim to fame for life.

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