Dreamweaver template not updating child pages

One of the most difficult tasks for a web designer is updating legacy websites.

Legacy websites are websites which have existed for many years.

Because most users prefer to view their pages locally in a browser prior to uploading them, Dreamweaver defaults to being document relative whenever a file is linked or an image is inserted.

If the file has not been saved BEFORE attempting to insert an image or a link to another HTML page, Dreamweaver has no reference for the location of the current page, therefore it will generate a path that looks something like: file:///Hard Drive/Desktop Folder/local Root Folder/subfolder/subfolder/images/or file:///C:/Desktop/local Root Folder/subfolder/subfolder/images/These paths are specific to your workstation ONLY and will not work when you upload files to a remote server.

Often these sites have outdated code or are badly in need of an upgrade.

Remember when working in the file any link that you create as document-relative will be exactly that - relative to the file.

The path above replaces the normal HTML source that would appear on a new page.

Instead of starting out with the usual tags that new file would generate, it is specifying that one level inside the local root folder, inside a folder called Templates, a file exists that contains all the information not inside the editable regions of that page.

When the file itself is opened and revised all the pages applied to the template are linked to the file in the same location as before.

All the pages applied to the template are all automatically updated with the new information.

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