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Three years ago, my husband and I were in a sexual state that I would describe as rutine...

I have so many taboo fantasies, I want to try so many things and have tried almost none.

she not my girl but im workin on it but she isnt no hoe either well i dont think she is at least.... I have been married to my husband for the past ten years.

Sex was always good and plentiful, especially the first year, but i guess that routine sort of made it uneventful in the long run.

I am locked up in a chastity device buy my fiance as we speak.let me know what you would do, if you had me locked up.I can usually talk to my SO about anything, but when it comes to sex and sex talk she does not seem interested at all."Talking to a Freaky Friend" and "Talking Freaky to a Friend".I have more than enough people in My life with whom I can talk freaky.I'm going on day 2 right now and have no idea how much longer I have to be locked up.would love to chat with some you freaky women out there.For me, theres nothing like a flirty, sexy comment or message from an friend to put some excitement back into the evening. I have one friend that I have known for about three years...we cam about once a week, and lately it has gotten a lot more kinked.I thought that when I went to their home that two men doing me would be fantastic.Immagine being told to "get on your knees before your masters" when we got there. Is it just me or are their any females that want to push their sexual boundaries and try out some of those "curious George" sexual taboos that most of us have floating around In the dark recesses of our minds?

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