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Each time he had chosen a high-end restaurant and sneaked out, leaving them with the bill.Plastic starts to smell like food to fish after it has been in the sea, according to research that sheds new light on how the artificial, toxic substance is getting into the food chain.

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The researchers recommended further research into the negative effects of plastic in the marine food chain, such as increased risk of predation.Police in Sweden were relieved to find a suspicious package in a in a busy railway station was simply filled with fish.Gothenburg police shared photos of the large, sealed package which was left unattended on a bench at the city's Central Station and made the stinky discovery upon opening it up for further investigation.“This is the first behavioural evidence that plastic debris may be chemically attractive to marine consumers,” the researchers wrote in the journal .“These chemical cues may lure consumers, such as anchovy, into regions of high plastic density and activate foraging behaviours, thus making it difficult to ignore or reject plastic items as potential prey.” The researchers, from University of California, Davis, and San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay, added that plastic accumulated chemicals that were used by some fish, seabirds and sea turtles to find food.“It is therefore not surprising that [these species] …are frequent consumers of plastic debris,” they added.Most of this has simply been thrown away in what the scientists described as an “uncontrolled experiment on a global scale”.More than 50 species of fish are known to eat plastic and 700 marine species are exposed to it. For nine months she punched me black and blue from the inside and by the fortieth week, she was still lying cross-wise across my belly.Happy days, I thought, settling back in the bed with the remote in one hand and a magazine in the other. I unwrapped my pastel-striped bundle of joy and had a sniff of her. She smelled like someone had packed some tuna under her arm pits and left it there to fester. Let’s just say that after bathing kids a thousand times, the novelty kind of wears off. The midwives stood around Lucy, sniffing at her like she was a piece of meat that was one day past its use-by date. With time ticking down, it was time to summon the big gun, a paediatrician by the name of Dr Howard Chilton, the guy who literally wrote the book on newborns.

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