Updating old fireplace mantel

As you can see in the ‘before’ picture, the shelves are not on the floor to ceiling design, and actually, the space left on the upper part of each rack looks quite irritating.

On the new design, the shelves are remodeled to have the floor to ceiling design, so there is no more space left empty on the upper part.

The best thing of all, the makeover can be done successfully as long as you know about the basic ideas to do the makeover.

There are seven most successful ideas you can give a try.

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First of all, let us talk a bit about the makeover done to the shelves.Floor to ceiling brick fireplace makeover is the one you need to do if there is a boring-looking wall-size brick fireplace in your space, maybe the one made by the previous homeowner of the house you are living now.With the makeover, you can get a new and fresh look in your interior space while getting rid of something that is aching for your eyes to see or building up the wrong atmosphere in your area.Those are replacing the old mantel with new wooden mantel, covering the brick wall and painting it, and modifying the raised hearth to have stone tile surface and wood trim.Some brick fireplace that is made on the floor to ceiling style is sometimes paired with shelves that are enclosed on either side of the fireplace.On the lower part, it is also visible that the raised hearth of the fireplace is another part that is remodeled.The old brick hearth is covered with stone tiles on the surface.Before the makeover is done, the wall-size brick fireplace is enclosed with shelves that are painted in brown wooden color.If you see the color scheme of the family room interior design, of course also with the color of the brick fireplace and wooden shelves, a strong warm and traditional look is shown.After experiencing a makeover, it becomes a brick fireplace with clear white wood mantel surround because the old brick mantel is removed and is replaced with the new one.Besides, the floor to ceiling brick look is also changed because it is covered to form a natural wall that is painted in tan color.

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