Tribal dating

A delegation of boys, aged 14 to 16 years of age, would travel across their section land for about four months announcing the formation of their new age-set.

The boys are accompanied by a group of elders spearheading the formation of a new age-set.

Also, there are ceremonies for boys and girls minor including, Eudoto/Enkigerunoto oo-inkiyiaa (earlobe), and Ilkipirat (leg fire marks).Ceremonies are an expression of Maasai culture and self-determination. They are rites of passage, and every Maasai child is eager to go through these vital stages of life.The first boy's initiation is Enkipaata (pre-circumcision ceremony), and is organized by fathers of the new age set.He would also gain a tremendous amount of respect for his bravery.Women's operation is performed slightly different than the men's.This is where all boys across the region will be united and initiated.Before the ceremony, the Olopolosi olkiteng, chief of the boys, must be chosen.For example, people would tell the boy, "If you kick the knife, we will kill you!If you run away from the knife, your society will disown you. Needles to say, circumcision Circumcision takes place shortly before sunrise.After Circumcision ceremony is the most vital initiation of all rite of passages in the Maasai society.Both men and women of the Maasai society are traditionally eager to undergo through circumcision.

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