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Meanwhile, a wider war is raging across Egypt between those Islamist forces allied to Islamic State, and the government of strongman leader General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.It is the reason foreign tourism has collapsed in the years after the Arab Spring in 2011, which saw an Islamic regime democratically elected then overthrown by al-Sisi in a bloody coup four years ago.But the country has long been a producer of the drug, and its use is common, particularly among young resort staff in their time off, one worker told the Mail. The drug was first put on the market in the Seventies as a relief for moderate to severe pain, and since then has become increasingly popular around the world.It did not mean Omar was some kind of drug lord or addict. In the UK, for example, where it is now a category C controlled drug, tramadol prescriptions rose from 5.9 million in 2006 to 11.1 million in 2012.A ship carrying no less than 26 million tramadol tablets was reportedly intercepted in the Mediterranean in the summer of 2016 by Greek authorities.The drugs — produced in India — were destined for Libya.She had even met his legal wife, though it is unclear what that lady thought of the arrangement.

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Often the couple are an already married Egyptian man and his foreign girlfriend.When he asked devoted Miss Plummer to bring him painkillers from England, she was only too keen to ease his discomfort — but her attempts to help have shattered her life and created international headlines.On Boxing Day, Miss Plummer was sentenced to three years in prison, thanks to the 290 tablets of the pain-killing synthetic opioid tramadol found in her suitcase by airport security when she arrived for a visit to her lover.Former colleagues said that in return for Mr Saad’s resignation, the resort did not report the matter to the police.Cannabis use is illegal in Egypt and punishable by prison.Laura Plummer has been described by her large and obviously devoted family as ‘naive’ or ‘daft’ — and there is no evidence to suggest she was anything but.Her father Neville, 70, says she wouldn’t know a ‘tramadol from a Panadol’.In 2015 alone, 33 cases of fatal tramadol overdose were reported in Northern Ireland, more than deaths from cocaine and heroin combined.As governments around the world have cracked down, black market tramadol has become an increasing source of money for criminals — with Egypt and her neighbours a significant point in the drug’s flow.That is unfortunate to say the least because, as we will explain, tramadol has become the focus of a massive police crackdown in Egypt.The country has become both a major transit route and ready market for the drug since international criminal gangs and Islamist terror groups began to realise its black market value.

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