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Click on the expandable area below for more information on moderators.Viewers are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds.Free adult chat rooms Featuring adult dating services with webcams and adult chat for men and women.Cam Voice allows you to see, hear and chat with friends all over the world through your web browser.This replays the chat alongside the stream exactly as it appeared when the stream was live.Live chat replay is enabled by default on all of your live streams.

-The site has apps and bots made by the site users.The Live chat module only exists on the You Tube watch pages — it does not follow embedded players. Viewers can choose between two views of Live chat at any time.Note: Chat replay is only available on new live streams.You can have one app and three bots running at the same time. Exhibitionist are not age verified and cant get tokens. – Every hour they have a contest with some kind of point system (it has something to do with the viewer numbers and tokens tipped to the model) Winner gets and 2 place gets .They feature things like highest tipper (Tip Goal King) making a token goal that auto-updates for you. – You can silence viewers up to 6 bans last 6 hours. -New Broadcaster Tag only last 7 days from the moment you are verified.Chaturbate is growing quickly and it has all the features you will ever need. Free chat means that you’ll get thousands of viewers. As you may have noticed, the front page shows thumbnails of every webcam.It’s without a doubt one of the best free chat cam sites. Take amazing shots of yourself and people will start coming and knowing you.Live streams that are trimmed in video editor will not have Chat replay.Live chat badges identify the Streamer and Moderator .Once your goal is reached, those who didn’t tip stay out of your show, and the others get the password. -Pay period is from 1 to 15 and from 16 to the end of the month.Pay days on Payoneer are loaded like 3-4 days after that.

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