Nokia mobile hardware and software updating

Once they are installed, you should be on OS version: 7.10.8773.98 and firmware revision number 1600.3030.8773.12120.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 includes the Device Update Web service, which is automatically installed with Web Services.

You can use this service to download updates from Microsoft, test them, and then deploy the updates to all the IP phones in your organization.

You can also use Device Update Web service to roll back devices to previous software versions.

First ensure the issue isn't with the power source or socket you're using - you can quickly check this by plugging your phone into a different outlet, then checking if it charges.

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An update file contains updates for one or more unified communications (UC) devices.Then, try turning your phone off completely and plugging it into the socket - bear in mind if the battery is completely drained, it might take up to 2 or 3 minutes to start charging.Please note: a hard-reset will completely erase all the data, settings and content on your smartphone, returning it to the original factory settings.Learn how to check the software version and see official versions for the Nokia Lumia 710.Find out more on this page: Beginning June 27, the Lumia 710 received notifications for software updates to 1600.3030.8773.12120.After obtaining the file, you upload it to Device Update Web service by using the Lync Server Management Shell.The following file types are contained in an update: The device updates file store serves as the central repository for the update information, logs, and audit information.We recommend that you check for updates every three months.For details about viewing updates for device in your organization, see Getting Started with Device Update Web service.To reset your smartphone and erase all its content, first make sure your phone is connected to a power source.We also recommend that your battery is at least 50% charged when you perform a hard reset.

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