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Linda’s current clients include where she is acting Community Manager. Julie is the LA Dating Advice Columnist on and a contributor to The Huffington Post.

She currently holds the position of Executive VP/Director of Social Media for Brandloft – a marketing and branding firm.

My second regular Twitter chat is at 6pm PST on Tuesday.

I have a couple of Twitter chats that I participate in regularly. Blog Chat launched quite early, in March 2009 and is still going very strong Sunday nights at 6pm PST.

This is host @Mack Collier’s introduction to #Blog Chat.

for Blog Her) and that constant connection and lifestreaming can also lead to complications in established relationships (The Disconnect In The Age of Ambient Awareness, and Go F*cking Blog About It on her blog). Why is January the biggest month for internet dating? How are social media sites now monetizing dating and relationship services? (Julie can take the lead on this question – Liz can also answer – GPS, everything is real time) 6.

Digital has collided into analog–for better or worse. (FB is now partnering with a dating site – need to get name) 5. How can you build a community online for dating and relationships 7.

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