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Despite having had a rough childhood, she is optimistic and friendly to everyone.Despite having many admirers, she is not interested in dating, and is noted to being "married to her work".She services the player's car, the Regalia, and can customize and upgrade it.She is the granddaughter of Cid Sophiar, who owns the Hammerhead service station.Her toolbox, which is also the same yellow color as her jacket, is stuffed with her tools of the trade, including a spanner, a monkey-wrench, and a hexagonal wrench key, among others.Cindy is a slender woman with short, curly blond hair and olive green eyes.With skills passed down to her from her grandfather, a man with an artisan spirit, she is a highly accomplished mechanic in her own right.Cindy supports Noctis and the gang on their travels as the mechanic of their beloved vehicle, the Regalia.

In the English localization, she speaks in Southern American English.

She derives her work ethic from being raised by Cid, and from her long friendship with Holly Teulle, whom Cindy views as a role model.

Holly and Cid inspired Cindy's "git-'er-done" attitude and are the two most important persons in her life.

She wears a red cap with yellow outlines and a logo with the words "HAMMER HEAD" and "FULL SERVICE STATION" and black goggles which she hangs around her neck when not using them.

Cindy wears a cropped yellow jacket that reveals her stomach zipped a few inches under her breasts, and an orange bikini top with deep décolletage.

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