Women dating divorced men

That really appeals to them.'In the past, having a chequered marital history and children, with all the financial and emotional commitment they entail, was seen as an impediment to dating.But new research shows that it is now perceived as a very positive thing indeed.Today his girls are 18 and 16, and he describes his relationship with them as close.Bruised from the split, Kevin waited a couple of years before he felt ready to start dating again.Women, he claims, say his best attributes are his likeable character, friendly smile and twinkling blue eyes.They are also deeply reassured by the fact he's fathered three children, now 19, 18 and 14.It fascinates me that woman are so surprised by this.

In the 12 years since his wife walked out on him, he's dated 20 women'Women today are more independent and don't mind letting you know they're interested in you.So far he has been on dates with about a dozen women.The longest relationship he has enjoyed has been a six-month romance, but he remains hopeful of finding someone with whom he wants to settle down.'On dates, women will often tell me they've enjoyed themselves because I really listen to them,' says James.The number of 25 to 45-year-olds living alone has doubled over the past two decades, and twice as many single women buy properties as men.'Women want to feel safe and secure,' says relationship coach Elizabeth Copeland.'The fact that these older chaps might be a bit boring and they're possibly going grey, far from being off-putting, makes them the ideal catch.'James, a business software specialist from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, is a case in point.It seems single women are willing to ignore fading looks and the emotional and financial baggage that comes with having children in favour of dependability and guaranteed virility.And for the divorced dads out there, the world is their oyster.They love hearing how he was a faithful breadwinner for nearly two decades, and remains a loving, hands-on father to his children. When James first moved out of the family home, it was into the nest egg flat he had bought several years earlier as a pension investment.Indeed, he finds himself far more popular now than when he was single in his 20s, which he believes comes from the confidence of age and the fact he has shown himself capable of stability.'I'm comfortable in my own skin now — stable, reliable and obviously not afraid of commitment. He discovered on moving in that fellow residents of the block of flats had nicknamed it 'Bachelor Towers' because so many of them were single men.Lately he's been propositioned at salsa class, invited to Amsterdam for a saucy weekend (on a first date) and chatted up by a particularly persistent temptress on a plane to Spain.It seems that these days James Hopley can't move for young ladies throwing themselves at him.

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