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Now, what if we want to add a column to the right of the source range, so that our output in Power Point shows six columns instead of five?

Since range names created by Macabacus for linking work like any other range name, this is simply an exercise in working with native Excel functionality—you simply insert the new column within the source range, rather than next to it.

Likewise, if a change is made to the table in the drawing, the linked spreadsheet can be updated using the same command.

Data linking is the process of selecting a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the purpose of merging all or some of its contents with extracted drawing data.

In some situations, the drawing data might not link correctly to the data in the spreadsheet.

Therefore, the name of a linked chart must (a) be different from the names of other charts on the same worksheet, and (b) not change after linking.

Hidden names are not visible in Excel's Name Manager, so you cannot view these names there, but you can view hidden names in Macabacus' Name Scrubber.

Macabacus then stores the unique name within the destination Power Point presentation or Word document so that Macabacus knows where to find the linked cells when you want to work with links (e.g., update links, view the source) in those applications.

The following error messages will display: No match was found between any values in the drawing data and external data.

One of Macabacus' most popular features is the ability to link Power Point and Word to cell ranges and charts in Excel.

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