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Come on R12, you know that has nothing to do with anything .The more I see, the more I think luck has a lot to do with it, being in the right place at the right time.For those of you who hate waiting for a linked photo to open...Hint if you right click on an image , then open image in a new tab, you can copt that image jdg, and paste it in the DL link box, and it should link the image directly to your post, I met him once right after his first couple of movies came out.This Friday, Scott reprises his role as bar bouncer-turned-pro hockey enforcer Doug Glatt in Goon: Last of the Enforcers.A follow-up to 2011’s sleeper hit Goon, the new movie marks the directorial debut of frequent Seth Rogen collaborator Jay Baruchel—and Scott has declared it his favorite filming experience to date (let's not forget: his resume includes the entire American Pie series and flicks like Dude, Where’s My Car? “To be honest, I ended up having the best time I’ve ever had doing Goon 2,” Scott told In Style last week.

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He did an episode of "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" where he played a gay character, did well. Recently he did some hockey movie ("Goon") that was well received and actually has a decent fanbase.“I’m going to rock out with my c—k out.” It’s always fun to hear that when I’m hanging with my mom in public. Is there one past co-star in particular that you’d love to work with again? What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve ever kept from a set?Actually, at the end of this last Goon movie, there’s a huge bloody fight.My friends and I were all athletes, but we were actually nothing like the typical high school jocks, with the whole idea that they’re all just assholes. When I went back after filming American Pie, a lot of my high school friends were like, ‘What the f—k! With porn everywhere, everybody has access to watching the gnarliest, weirdest, sexual deviant s—t online. But really, though, if the opportunity to do another American Pie movie presented itself, would you be down?So when you think of a guy that’s having sex with an apple pie in American Pie, it’s almost like a cartoon. Honestly, to see and play Stifler in his 40s would be hilarious, in my opinion. But, for me, he’s the most fun character I’ll ever get a chance to play.None of them are great actors-- they play variations on the same character in every film. I always get him confused with Scott Foley on Scandal.All that being said, SWS is essentially an aging female starlet. Some of those boys are just pissed that they gave up their buttholes at a young age and it didn't materialize into a career.One character, Steven Stifler, was infamous for his obnoxious (un)prowess with the many women he'd supposedly slept with.However, the actor behind the Stifler, Seann William Scott, admitted in 2012 that he was nothing like the character that he famously portrayed; he's actually shy around women.I’ve always wanted to do dramatic work and darker things like that.It was really cool because when the director told Keanu that he wanted to cast me, Keanu said "That’s a great idea." I was like "What?! That’s amazing." I think the movie is going to be great.

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