Survival guide to online dating

SSLv3 has now joined its older brother in being banished by RFC 7568.

All references to SSL below are retained for reasons of common usage (the term is still more frequently used than TLS) but should be simultaneously translated by the reader into TLS.

Nevertheless, we persist in our ingrained habit for no particularly good reason (old dog..tricks..).

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These are elements in what is loosely called a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Creating self-signed certificates is presented as a worked example of the use of the Open SSL package.

We've also added some info on the contents of various file types (.pem, .p12, .pfx, .der, .cer), PEM keywords and a PKCS to RFC mapping list.

While there are detail differences between SSL and TLS the following descriptions apply to both protocols.

Note: SSLv2 was banned by RFC 6176 which contains a dire list of its shortcomings.

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