Accommodating people with hidden disabilities

I am on earth to fulfill that purpose, whatever it may be. If I don't do it, then there will be something missing in the Kingdom.

God is what keeps me going, he's my strength and I know that nothing can overcome me.

It aims to build awareness of disabilities as a source of diversity and not as a source of deficit.

Overview: This program was designed to build awareness of the impact and benefits of the ADA on privately held business, to increase awareness of the basic accessibility requirements of Title III of the ADA, to build knowledge of the size and composition of the market of people with disabilities, and to build awareness of the elements of physical access.For a long time I was miserable about my condition, but now I'm getting used to it. Lately, I've tried to train myself to lead a normal life, but the lack of money makes things very difficult. It used to be that I couldn't get along with anybody.My wife does not work steady and I have a family of 5 to support. I'd like to have a fund for transportation so that I could just ride around, just to get out of the house. It's hard to suffer, especially when you think about it.Overview: This program aims to identify the workforce trends that will lead to an increased demand for assistive technology in the coming years.Participants will understand how technology, as a reasonable accommodation, fits into the technology environment of the organization.They will also identify the steps needed for evaluating and implementing assistive technology as an accommodation in the workplace, and understand the benefits of technology-related accommodation for an employee with a disability.“We are all affected by either visible or invisible disabilities; there are physical, intellectual, learning, mental health, chronic, social and aging disabilities that will affect every human being” It is time we embrace everyone equally regardless of our level of ability…We are commanded to love one another and the reality has been for far, far to long in far to many churches that people with disabilities are not welcomed, they may be there but they are not really part of the community and so when you go to a church like this whose focus is on people who have a whole range of disabilities, from physical disabilities to intellectual disabilities, to everything imaginable, it is really inspiring….There are always some people who don't want me to lead a normal life.""It's difficult to get people to treat us like average human beings.You know there are lot of folks called "normal" who act differently and no one says anything.I think one of the roles the church can play is by talking about it in the first place, its an opportunity for those who are in a position of leadership, who are members of the church to look at their own staffing and say if 15% or 16% of the population of Ontario have a disability what percentage of my staff do and if it’s not something approaching 16% you are not realistically representing the culture in what it is you do as a business”.“People with disabilities have taught me more about the gospel and even about human relations than all the great psychological and philosophical concepts; or rather they have allowed me to catch a glimpse of what should be true theology, true philosophy and true psychology, for this am truly grateful to them.

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