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No awkward pauses, no annoying topics, nothing but great dialogue turned banter that lasted for hours but seemed way too short. The banter continued over our first face to face meeting and lunch. Number five is Elsa’s Rule of Ten; up to ten years younger or ten years older. I have never witnessed such long term, drop to the ground, doubled over, teary eyed laughter as when I read the list to my friends. After being convinced that it could never happen, it was like meeting Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster or seeing the Easter Bunny hide eggs in the living room or Santa Clause making toys at the North Pole. My grandchildren loved him, my adult children were not so sure. After opening it he said, “I know just one guy who uses one of these and he is a nerd.” Strike one. Many times I watched him hunt for golf tees, balls and shoes in his full car, I was excited to find a container specifically made for a trunk to hold all things golf. Completely deflated I opened my gifts giving the best smile I could muster. In between giggling fits I heard phrases like, “Good luck with that one! Or is he just a figment of my inexperienced imagination? At first glance he was not a bad looking guy but he became better looking when I found out that he was single, childless and wealthy. We got to his second drive which was short of my first. His next gift was a pair of beautiful glasses made specifically for the kind of wine that he most enjoyed. “I have purchased glasses at this place for other people but I would never drink from them myself,” he quipped. “I would never use this,” he said as he tossed it aside. ” and “Sorry but George Clooney has a girl friend”. I held little hope that I would ever meet this picture of a perfect man. ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘Cupid must really love me.’ I met Slick over the phone. He hit a nice 3 wood off the fairway and landed just short of the green.

School programs, t-ball games, college funds, vacations, weddings are all much simpler with only one set of kids. Since I married for love the first time, marrying for money seems natural. Of course I have to be attracted to him so number four had to be handsome. He enjoyed taking the little ones to the pool at the YMCA, the play center at the mall and fun movies complete with candy and popcorn. He asked if I did the shopping and he supplied the money if I would put both of our names on the gifts for my family. I shopped and shopped wanting to get the perfect gifts for Dr. I found just the right golf scope since he often complained about a lack of yardage markers on every course we played.

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The silence lingered for the first twenty minutes of the two hour drive home. I’ll tell you what I think about stopping for a nice dinner. First, if a man is in his early 50’s and never been married, he probably has some issues. Second, if he has money it is probably because he has never spent a dime. As flooding is happening all over the country this spring, it seemed that my internal well was dry*. Put those two things together and a dry spell is bound to happen. I was minding my own business, going about my work of trying to save the world, when a Haitian god, sculpted like Hercules, with a handsome chiseled face, eyes that find your soul, and luscious lips that turn into a smile that could melt the heart of Sister Mary Elephant walked into the room. Me, the one with the really bad hair in the 100 degree high humidity weather that does not allow for even the slightest bit of make-up to stay on my melted face. In this deep, husky, breathy reply, he said, “Merci.” Oh my, not only does he have a voice that would hypnotize even the strongest minds but he speaks French, the language of love! If they believe you to be the third assumption then intimidation supersedes attraction. “I help poor children.” Can you say Angelina Jolie? Jimmy is also an excellent businessman, father, boater, water skier, snow skier, and football player. Jimmy prattled on and on and on about his seemingly favorite subject: Jimmy.

” “What do I think about stopping for a nice dinner? *Disclaimers: I have spent a several weeks in Haiti over the last couple of months working not looking and due to a poor choice at the hairdressers (mine not hers) I have not had many good hair days lately. Men, on the other hand, assume a woman who is self employed cleans houses, stuffs envelopes after purchasing a book on how to make a lot of money in a just a few hours a week while staying in the comfort of your own home, or they are a battle-ax. has changed over the years becoming a place to work out all muscle groups including the love muscle.) Reminding me a lot of the first-person talker from a Seinfeld episode, Jimmy asked if he could join us in our booth. He is an excellent golfer and an excellent racquetball player. She said, “I golf.” Little did she know, that statement was just fodder for more Jimmy on Jimmy.

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