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"You cannot make plans until it is approved." "And even then they can withdraw your leave if they need you to work, regardless of what you have planned," Perkins said.

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“Before I could plan my son's fifth birthday party next month, my husband had to put a request in to make sure he would not be put on duty that weekend and miss it,” Perkins said.When she retired in 2004, she and her husband switched roles and she became the stay-at-home parent. Military spouses can have a harder time finding work than their partners who served."My husband sacrificed his career goals for most of the years that I was on active duty, with the understanding that I would retire," she said. Marie Ruediger, from San Diego, Calif., said that she has been seeking employment since March 2011 but has not had a single interview."It's ironic because my husband does not want to be the primary breadwinner now; he wants to go to school to get his bachelor's degree.We had even agreed that I should be the primary breadwinner [now that he's retired] because I have the academic background.” 5."Ever try moving 4,000 miles with three kids, a very pregnant wife and a large dog with only six weeks' notice? You either learn to work together or you break apart trying.” 6.The logistical aspects of being a military spouse can be a welcome distraction from the fact that your spouse could die at any moment.In honor of Memorial Day, we talked to four military spouses about what what their marriages are really like, especially when one spouse is far away or in combat.They shared some truths about their lives, which are often misunderstood by civilians. Military couples put duty first -- not their marriages.The military is culturally progressive when it comes to marriage. Military spouses can't let each other in on some of the biggest details about their jobs.While the military as an institution might be perceived as being overly traditional -- even closed-minded -- when it comes to marriage, Ruediger believes that the military made her interracial relationship possible. "One of the hardest things is not being allowed access to what your spouse really does," Di Silverio said.

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