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Why risk it with third-party tools that aren’t up to the job of data migration?

Cloudiway’s file migration platform is built on the secure and speedy Microsoft Azure framework, so you can focus on getting the job done.

The difference is that afterwards the “Export” option will create a file to be imported from the Azure portal.

The exported file can be loaded straight to an Azure Blob Storage account, which will help avoid an extra step to copy the file (recommended).

To proceed, connect to the SQL Server instance and run either the “SQL Database Deployment Wizard” or the “Export data-tier application” option from SQL Server Management Studio.

If you cannot find the preferred option, you will need to update your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), which is now a free standalone product. The primary difference between the two options is that the “Deploy“ option requires an existing Database server in Azure and will directly deploy the on-premises database to that location.

The “Cloud-first” strategy used by Microsoft is also an incentive to start using the Azure’s SQL Database as a Service (Daa S) offer.

For each container, it creates a copy in the target Windows Azure Storage Account and then proceeds to try to copy each blob within Windows Azure.It’s invisible to the end-user, but the benefits have greatly reduced the back-and-forth communication necessary for collaboration and enabled better business results.”Kevin Jordan Director of IT, Acxiom“The Cloudiway tool was very valuable in assisting us during our transition from our parent company to our own totally new tenant.The Azure SQL Database is improving its capabilities day-by-day.You will need to choose the right one based on your migration strategy and on the database that you are migrating.Don’t forget that not all the features supported on-premises are supported on Azure, so some additional work may be needed prior to the migration.I recently created a Windows Azure Storage Account without an Affinity Group and was faced with the task of migrating the data to a newly created Windows Azure Storage Account which belongs to the Affinity Group used by the project’s Cloud Services.By physically grouping Cloud and Storage services together, Affinity Groups contribute to the overall performance of your application by reducing network latency.This requires a Shared Access Signature so that the target account is able to create a copy of the blob from the source.Learn about my real-world Microsoft Azure adventures.Consequently it reduces the amount of time a CPU remains idle waiting for files to process.It may not seem important at first, but it makes a world of difference for compute intensive worker roles who depend on Windows Azure Storage for IO.

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