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Americans make six billion 411 calls a year and only 3% of them are using the Free411 service.My guess is most people thought this was a cool idea when they first heard about it but never bothered to try the service.It puts you round and round in a circle then disconnects you. I recently found 1800The Info and have found all my numbers when traveling, which is about the only time I use it.And I can get SMS numbers sent to my phone, and get connected to the number I needed, and have an operator when they could not find my number.If you don't have a specific store or business in mind when you call, you can choose to voice-search by keyword.For example, saying "music" at the prompt will give you some options for record stores in your local area. Forget waiting 3 minutes or more to get your number from a computer that makes you listen to several agent was so nice, reading out the phone number to me as I requested and she even offered me a connection. I'd like to get "free" 411 service but maybe its better to pay for "nonfree" 411 service...

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It used to be 1-877-411-GOOG, which if used will forward you to the actual number: 1-877-520-FIND.

At first I didnt believe that there wasnt any charge, but thats a fact! It is really handy especially if you are mobile, which lets face it most of us are- most of the time :) free 411 directory assistance: from anchorage AK many of these free 411 services dont work! Thanks peace folks, hope you're all having a good one.

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Your phone company is charging you anywhere from 50 cents to for a 411 call.

Now you can get the exact same service completely free by using 1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-3733-411). The only catch is that you have to listen to a 15-second ad, which isn't too bad considering the ads are often contextual (e.g.

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