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Set to be unveiled this week at the i Date conference in Miami, Skout claims to be the first online dating site with a native i Phone app.That’s not entirely true — there are others like Dating DNA — but Skout could prove more interesting due to its emphasis on location and compatibility with other mobile devices.And one type of network in particular could lead the way: Dating sites.At least, that’s what Skout is hoping for with its new i Phone application.“Location has becomes a commodity, location is a killer feature,” Wiklund told me when I spoke to him last week.But he added that for it to work with social networks right now, they have to be laser-focused, something that he thinks Skout achieves with its dating network aspirations.The service is also looking to virtual goods as a way to make money.

It mixes the Free mindset of dating like Ok Cupid with the features of an e Harmony interface.The online dating industry is now worth billion worldwide each year. But, where there is good news, there is usually some bad.That figure alone is why this app guide was so hard to write and why so many people have been asking me to write about it. One major drawback (and why the app has any bad reviews at all, it seems) is because they have quite a few app-side bugs.Right now, it uses services like Yahoo’s Fire Eagle to locate where you are.And of course, you can always manually enter your location and find other users around you. It began as a way for users to submit various forms of media, geotag them (with locations) and send them to friends.If your put off by the price tag, try the free version!The self-proclaimed "Facebook for Singles," this app delivers a clean interface with enough free features to keep people coming back.I always found it intriguing, but at the moment it’s limited in its application for something beyond dating — and that’s not the main purpose of Loopt.As with all location-based apps for the i Phone, Skout faces one sticky problem: The inability for apps to run in the background.If you spot someone who you think you might be compatible with, you can click on their picture to find out more about them, see a stream of their recent activity on the site (like the Facebook News Feed or Wall), look at pictures and comment on posted items, and even chat with them. There are probably a whole lot of people out there who will appreciate this new melding of the virtual and real worlds for online dating.And who knows, this app may even find its niche among those crazy kids who go out and “hook up” randomly at bars — not that I condone that kind of behavior. Going back to Loopt, Skout actually reminds me a lot of Loopt’s Mix feature.

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