Dating single moms is a bad idea

Their tits are perky, their asses are tight, their midsections are sexy as hell (often adorned with navel piercings), and their skin is soft and supple. Her tits start to sag, cellulite begins to make its way onto her ass and thighs, and her tummy isn’t quite so tight anymore. Granted, there are many women out there with multiple children whose bodies show little to no signs of childbirth.

Why should she expand her value as a partner if she’s already reached the pinnacle of womanhood? I dumped a woman once and a week later I caught her trying to put sugar in my gas tank.

Single moms are single moms because they had unprotected sex with men they had no business having unprotected sex with.

They were being hos, decided to let a bunch of niggas raw dog ’em, and now they have 3 kids.

But allow me to free you of the shackles of making the egregious mistake of committing to a woman with one or more whipper snappers runnin’ around, and give you 8 reasons you need to get off this narcotic.

Back when they’re childless, women in their late teens and early 20s have awesome bodies. Fraudulent clothing may help a little but you’ll run for the hills when she takes her clothes off.

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