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Denise spends most of the episode, beaming away from Porter and enjoying Carlie's misfortune.To show Denise how Carlie feels, Porter turns her into "Denny".Denise's crush on Carl is a recurring theme throughout Season 2.Porter is the only character who seems to know about her crush on Carl even though Denise doesn't hide it very well.After he did this Porter figures out that its all Lex doing and the three hatch a plan to extract there revenge.

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After that Denise and Carl make a brave and admirable stand for there love in front of Mrs Stern after which she still coldly states its against the rules and that she will put a stop to it (if you cant find love yourself why not destroy someone else). Denise used to be an AIT back in the 1400's until she used a body swap spell on a raccoon puppet and became trapped in the body of Dennis, the previously mentioned raccoon puppet. who is in love with Carl Montclaire, even though he is not a popular kid (although he tries to become one with the help of his AIT Porter Jackson).Porter acts impressed which presses Lex into stating how he can also impersonate her voice.While Lex does her voice Carl and Denise beam to the spot and kiss activating the full alert off the emotion relevance spell.Meanwhile, Brittany struggles with preparations for a theatre audition, which she sets up as a showcase at a café. Not skilled enough to redo the magic she became stuck and slowly began to sound and pick up the mannerisms of a raccoon and went by the name Dennis for many years. T training in the stupid ages with the humans not having advanced real far. T assignment in the episode me Carl You Janish but just when she was about to receive it Porter beamed to her location with the zombie Jane duplicate she had created causing the A. T Revision Council to rethink there previous opinion and deciding she wasn't ready yet.Denise has a crush on Carl and often wants to assist Carl.Her attempts to help, often annoy Porter as Carl is his assignment.The act off putting a stop to it comes in the form of a spell she casts on Carl and Denise which will reveal when they have romantic feelings for each other by having them turn blue.If a full alert was ever coming a silent alarm would go off and Mrs Stern would come down to earth to take Denise away from Earth forever and she would never be able to earn her wings and become a full angel.

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