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He played his first acting role in the movie The Big Fix.Edit Jason Mraz has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and he has also won some of them.He is also one of the richest singers in United States with net worth of million. Edit Jason Mraz full name Jason Thomas Mraz is one of the great singers from United States. He began his musical career from 1999 and at that time he was associated with Elgin Park.Edit Jason Mraz was from the middle class family born in Richmond, Virginia (Mechanicsville), United States of America to Tom Mraz and June Mraz. Edit Jason Mraz was once married to Sheridan Edley Mraz.Edit He was also once engaged with Tristan Ann Prettyman.She is also one of the renowned singer and songwriter from United States.He won this award for the first time in his life in 2002 and that was for Best Acoustic.

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Edit After his married life with Sheridan Edley Mraz was dissolved after being married for few months, he remained single for several months.It appears that she was releasing her album when Jason decided to break up with her at the worst time in her life that he could have chosen to do it.Further the former Jason Mraz girlfriend states that the only thing that kept her going through that part of her life when her relationship was over the fact that she was making a new album and she is grateful that her record company allowed her to do this.But his engagement was also called off after few months.He began his musical career from 1999 and at that time he was associated with Elgin Park.But with the start of 2002, he was found having a romantic relationship with Tristan Ann Prettyman.Edit He has been honored with San Diego Music Awards for four different times in his life.Former Jason Mraz girlfriend notes that at the beginning it was awful to be left alone but with time she understood that it is better to find someone that would really want to be with her and could not get enough of her and not to be with the one that does not want you anymore.Former Jason Mraz girlfriend notes that currently she is in a relationship and that she has learned a lot from her former ones and tries to do her best and that she would love to get married someday.Edit We all know Jason Mraz as a renowned singer who is famous for singing love songs.But from 2012, he also began his next career in his life and that was his acting career.

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