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This could happen on a larger scale too—what if I put in 50,000 years and most people I know put in many millions?

The heartbreak we feel about death after only a few decades must be magnified to a huge extreme after getting used to living for so many years—and we have no idea what a 50,000 year relationship or friendship would even be like and how heartbreaking losing someone would be after knowing them for so long.

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Death is scary, but there’s a ceiling on how scary things can get because of death.

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But the kind of hope, purpose, and happiness an immortal person could feel might dwarf that of a normal human by just as much.

What if, with enough time, humans were able to create a safe and blissful utopia to live in, with everyone monitored so nothing really bad can happen, and you were surrounded by people you love?

If you enter no number into the calculator, your life will go on exactly as it had before, unaffected—you’ll die a natural death whenever you would have if this had never happened. If there are any other confusion or questions, you’d have to make the decision with certain things not clarified.

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