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He did this by having her strip naked and stand there while he hosed her off with water.

John Di Pietro, who is normally their PR go to guy- who obviously should know better, took it upon himself to “decontaminate” a 17 year old girl who had been pepper sprayed after shoplifting.

So am I the only one who thinks that besides a full investigation, Maj Di Pietro should be on unpaid leave and facing dismissal?

First, let’s look at when pepper spray is supposed to be used with a suspect: the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals set a new precedent for the use of pepper spray.

“If the deputies or officers had to go hands on with an uncooperative suspect that justified the use of a tazer or pepper spray, and that is simply no longer the case under 9th circuit law,” he said.I'm employed, educated, passionate, smart, loving, and adventurous. I want an Indian man because I love their intelligence, their culture, music,language and culture. I am a very outspoken, upfront woman who is looking for a man, who can handle all of me.Search now for properties that are currently being sold at Sheriff Auctions. This was captured on video, in the “Sallyport” of the police station. I posted this as a trial balloon on Facebook before writing this.What’s most amazing is that an investigation has been underway for a while- this happened in July.The Dayton Daily and Channel 7 have been investigating since Sept.via Court ruling could affect pepper spray use | abc30I’ve yet to see proof in any of the articles that the use of pepper spray was warranted.I watched in disbelief while some tried to defend his actions- by blaming the girl for shoplifting, for running from police, for being pepper sprayed, for the possibility that there were no female officers available to do the hosing down, to this is acceptable behavior.I also heard WTF and that this has no place in modern America (thankfully I have some smart friends).

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