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HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\Setup and Configuration Software\System Discovery (32-bit and 64-bit operating systems) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Intel\Setup and Configuration Software\System Discovery (64-bit operating systems) You can sleuth for these using powershell just as easily, or even a batch file and the "reg query" command (comes up with nothing on my laptop): Or, in Power Shell: So as you'd expect, I'm locally vulnerable (watch out for the next crop of malware and metasploit modules! Now that I've dumped the LMS service, I'm (as far as I know) OK (for now) on this front.

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netstat -na | findstr "\What's behind the listening port 16992?This bug is something that's going to stick with us for a good. More interestingly though, we saw an uptick of scanning for tcp/16992 *prior* to the Intel announcement, starting early April - see for yourself here: https://edu/port.html?port=16992 When a computer is not listening on the ports you list and not running the LSM service, is it safe from local exploitation? I guess I'll be able to test it from Metasploit soon...Netstat also has an -o (for "owner") option which gives the PID of the process that opened the port, this can be easily tracked using task manager.For a quick look to see what is listening I use: netstat -nao | findstr "LISTEN"Good call on the curl version, I did see that too and have since updated.targets = input(' Enter 3 Octet IPv4 Target List \(e.g., \".\"\) Please encapsulate in \" \": ') # Open the list File scan Targets = open('scan Targets.txt','w') # Write our list to the file for x in range(1,255): targets.write(str(targets) "%s\n" % x) We are tracking this one, if you have anything to share please send it in and we will update this diary, or use our comment form What should you do right away?Go back to the Critical Controls (https:// - get a good, complete hardware inventory together, and get a good software inventory - know what's in your organization and on your network, and know what's running on that gear.So the "does not exist on consumer PCs" statement does not hold water for me.Anyway, the affected / resolved firmware version (from the Intel advisory) is here: Yes, that's all the way back to gen 1 Core CPUs (Nehalem era , 2007) right up to the latest Kaby Lake chips.Let's look with curl, and we'll see that a simple connect / get gives up the AMT version.A great way to verify your patch (or disable) progress over the network, but also a good way for an attacker to find a pivot host.

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