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People are always stopping to ask where I got my glasses and how can I get them, so I finally started a line. I used to buy a new pair every two or three years but now that I have my own line I own more than 100 pairs.But I rotate between three or four of my favorites.(In the show Allen gossips about his “celebrity” date to Page Six in order to promote his shitty book about Festivus.) Lisa was PISSED. For MP3, I’m going with the obvious tune, but a “living room mix” that you may not have heard.Viewers react via’s hot or not poll: Yes, I know that doesn’t add up to 100%. It’s from the Reality Bites: 10th Anniversary Edition.Each album got progressively more Lilithy, and honestly, I could never bring myself to purchase a CD with Hello Kitty on the cover.Lisa’s sister Debbie, who appears on the show, has a My Space profile as well.At camp, music was really in the center of everything we did— morning, noon and night we were singing.It was the place where I started playing guitar; it’s the place where I connected to music both as a performer and part of a community.

First one was with producer Juan Patiño (who’s presently promoting Anatomy of a Breakup), second was with her Food TV co-host Dweezil Zappa (who’s presently designing amplifiers).

I liked being employed/involved in musicals, ballets and took multiple dance classes a week.

When I was younger I loved listening to music, playing music, writing music. I’ve been interested in the business side of music. Let me check my phone—I have Tegan and Sara, Goyte and I recently downloaded a lot of soft pop from the 1970s. Is there any Jewish or Israeli music you enjoy listening to? I don’t speak Hebrew yet, but my in-laws speak Hebrew to my daughter so hopefully she will learn.

Now Lisa’s looking for a nice Jewish boy on reality TV.

And taking the opportunity to put out a Greatest Hits.

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