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Test audiences hated seeing Duckie sort of get the girl—I don’t blame them—so instead we get Blane and Andie kissing in the parking lot while OMD’s “If You Leave” lulls us into acceptance.Their union is the carnal equivalent of paint-by-numbers. He didn’t get Andie, he lost Blane, and so what: the best revenge is getting ahead. Andie’s friends are her boss at the record store where she works.Duckie, her best friend, is madly in love with her.

Now we only know him as Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men or as people who don’t watch the it know it as, the show Charlie Sheen was fired from whilst ranting about tiger blood. Yes, but holy moly you cannot deny that he was a beautiful specimen of a human being in the '80s. When I think back on this movie obviously I remember Blane, but ain’t nobody got time to take crap from a dude named Steff.In 1999, Mc Carthy married his college sweetheart Carol Schneider 20 years after they first dated.He later stated his reasons for tracking her down after they had drifted apart: "I ran into someone who said they had seen Carol and her boyfriend and they seemed really happy, and for some reason it bothered me for a week. Andrew Thomas Mc Carthy (born November 29, 1962) is an American actor, travel writer and television director.He is most known for his roles in 1980s films such as St. He is ranked #40 on VH1's 100 Greatest Teen Stars of all-time list.Mc Carthy made his Broadway debut in The Boys of Winter.He quickly returned to Hollywood in 1988 to star in several films, such as Fresh Horses and Kansas.I called her and asked her if she was really with this guy and asked her out for coffee." In 2002, Schneider gave birth to a son, Sam. In 2004, he announced that he once had a serious alcohol problem, which began at age 12. Thirty years ago John Hughes released one of the best brat pack movies of all time.Not to mention, there are some big names in this movie that you may have forgotten about.First, a recap of the film's plot: Andie is one of the unpopular kids at her school and pretty much acts like a parent to her father, who has yet to get his life together after his wife ran out on him.

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