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I am open and say what I think, people do not like that, it is too much for them.Whenever I go to talk to someone in the real world, try to join a conversation or whatnot, people shut down. I have also noticed this in the forums, I make a post, and very few will actually respond/reply to my posts.Lots of people will want to talk to you that you aren't interested in no matter who you are.Really knowing that should remove any feelings of extreme ego or rejection.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Someone is about to disbelief what I am about to say. First time I got rejected it was thru a dating site. So I never got rejected by any woman until I turned 43 and it was over the internet. But since I know who and what I am my confidence increases each year. We feel lower than scum at times as we surface out of these relationships.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... They don't really bother me here because I view it like this.. Now I suppose if I had a rude Rejection given to me from some woman I was trying to get to know better. Our self esteem is pulled from us by those we trust and think we are in love with.

but it hasn't worked out for me like that since the guy that I e-mailed is meeting with me next week...I had never even heard of online dating, until 4 or 5 years ago, when I first started using a computer (gotta love all that junk mail! Just think on it though, if you can, give someone a compliment.) By the time I'd been single about 3 weeks, I was signed up to 5 or 6 free dating sites (I now have a list of over 40), & was recieving dozens of emails. And what is also kind-of cool, & somewhat amusing, even though I changed my profile after meeting my S/O here, I still get several emails a week here, mostly from guys in their twenties, who think I'm hot! It doesn't affect my self confidence to be here, not be here, or whatever else happens in my life. Sometimes your smile or kind word might be the only thing to brighten another's day. I've dated a total of 6 women in my entire life and all 6 said yes. mentioned that her spouse degraded her and made her feel ugly. But what she said is true of a lot of relationships. Thanks to all of my fellow POFers for being such great people to talk to/meet and greet! She was nice about it, so it didn't hurt very much. Before I ask for the date I already know her response is going to be yes.I mean, if you are looking to find a relationship on here, but all you get is rejection, surely that must affect your confidence?Or is everyone just laissez-faire about everything and couldn't care less about people they like talking or not talking to them? I am out not in bars getting hit on, but, as my self confidence grew, yes, I found myself being flirted with in strange places. Maybe it is because I am happy now, and free from the weight that drug me down, but I think it is confidence, no fear of eye contact or smiling. You see before I ask a woman out I try to befriend her. OK, I am not saying that without this I am or would not have recuperated from the divorce so nicely: people LOVE to misconstrue what you are saying.If you are looking actively this isn't the be all/end all of where to find someone - it should only be a small piece of a large social picture.I guess for those who are really looking for that one person (which IMO is a frame of mind that will inevitably cause frustration) might be in more of a place to allow a dating site to boost or take their confidence, but it doesn't have to be that way.

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